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01. Crushing the Cords of Wickedness Wed0907-2008
02. Kill your Goliath by Fire PR2507-2008
03. The University of Champions part 1 Wed2307-2008
04. The University of Champions part 2 Wed3007-2008
05. The University of Champions part 3 Wed0608-2008
06. The University of Champions part 4 Wed1308-2008
07. Contending with Haman Powers Wed0309-2008
08. Contending with the Eaters of Soul Wed0110-2008
09. The Problem of Mixed Multitude Wed081008
10. The Tragedy of Bible Illiterates Wed151008
11. Kill Your Giants (Night of Solution) Wed2210-2008
12. Crushing Strange Witchcraft Operations PR2410-2008
13. Deliverance from Polygamous Foundation Wed2910-2008
14. Deliverance for indigenes of Riverine areas Wed0511-2008
15. The Great Wrestling Match Wed1911-2008
16. The Divine Yellow-card Wed2611-2008
17. The Magnetic Enemy PR281108
18. The Mystery of Dark Market Wed0312-2008
19. The Mystery of Obscurity Wed1712-2008
21. The Weapon of Holy Madness PR261208
22. The Jealousy of God&2009 Prophetic Insights Ws311208

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